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“Must see” Elblag

In the light of some information about Elblag together with stunning pictures we came across on the internet, we planned a short visit to this town. In the article about Elblag we found out that the city is ranked among the best places to live regarding the quality of living. Interesting enough to take a look. Despite winter weather (January in Poland doesn’t encourage travelling at all) we went to see what is there. However bleak and grim the weather, plus the feeling that you are at the end of the world made our trip quite exceptional. We did our trip by train. Although it was short, we got the fairly accurate feeling of the place.

“As a city with a bitter-sweet past and seemingly bright future, Elblag has always been an accurate indicator of Polish-German relationships. The town came into existence thanks to the close cooperation of Poles and Germans but suffered great injuries whenever the two neighboring nations entered into the state of war. The contemporary Elblag bears witness to both periods and takes pride in its dual ancestry. That is why you will find here magnificent medieval monuments created mutually by the two nations and the remnants of an Old Town district almost completely destroyed during World War II.”  

Elblag is located in northern Poland. The city lies on the Elblag river. It is inhabited by some 126000 people. This medium sized port city is also a historical site with numerous tourist attractions. We enjoyed the best. The Old Town district that seems to be the newest old town we have ever seen!


Quite honestly this Old Town is an extraordinary place with very nice restaurants and coffee bars. A kind of a mini version of the Old Town in Gdansk with immaculate, absolutely beautiful townhouses. Moreover each one is unique to say nothing of attention to details. Very impressive.


 Undoubtedly the better time to visit Elblag would be warm spring or summer. One of Elblag’s attractions is The Elblag Canal and accordingly, the canal cruises. Obviously we didn’t experienced this attraction because of the season of the year, but we saw the river with nice river banks.


We had a great, interesting and enjoyable time in Elblag which seems to be fairly laid back and relaxed city. Unfortunately our visit was too short to fully explore the place and give here an broader opinion. However we would recommend a visit to the city – especially when you are in nearby Gdansk.

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