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Moody, Nostalgic, Dusseldorf – Photo Essay

Dusseldorf, a  city in Western Germany located along the River Rhine impressed me with its calmness and nostalgic prettiness. Probably the nostalgia and atmospheric aura was the result of the season of the year and it was late Autumn – November 2016 actually. I travelled to Dusseldorf to meet my son (again) who was performing with Cirque du Soleil…….

and at that time  happened to be in Dusseldorf. So, in short, I wasn’t there to do sightseeing. Moreover I stayed in the place only for 2 days. However they were very nice days and what’s more, I managed to walk around and take some pictures. By the way… I really liked this city of art and fashion as they call Dusseldorf – not to mention a financial centre. The following photographs may be a little bit moody but as I mentioned before: it was dark, damp and cold.  Obviously not the peak of the tourist season. Nevertheless here you are:

My photo essay as a result of my short  visit to  Dusseldorf in November 2016.


Rhine Embankment Promenade

Where are the people? It wasn’t so cold



Gehry Buildings

“The Frank Gehry designed  office buildings of Media Harbor, three quite distinct structures built in 1998 that seem to defy gravity as they lean and curve like jelly frozen in mid – wobble.”  Undoubtedly the highlights of the city.



Rheinturm Tower

“A 240-meter-tall telecommunications tower constructed in 1981 with an observation deck offering superb views of the city.”



“The 6-hectare park by the Standehaus is a semi-natural green oasis in the middle of Dusseldorf and a great spot to relax and unwind.”


The Old Town of Dusseldorf

Street Art


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