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Autumn Saturday in Frombork

Frombork is a town in north-eastern Poland not far away from the Russian border. The location of the town seems to be fairly remote. Actually it is very close to the Russian border. For some people it sounds exotic enough to visit the place. But Frombork earned its fame due to Nicolaus Copernicus,  a 15th century astronomer who had the audacity to suggest the Earth orbits the Sun.

“As the first man to realize that the Earth orbits the Sun, Copernicus was vilified by the Catholic Church for removing mankind from the centre of creation. His discovery changed the way we looked at the stars and led to the realisation that the universe is a very, very big place” 

However not everybody knows that Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Poland (Torun)  and his  name in Polish is Mikolaj Kopernik. The astronomer spent most of his life in Frombork and the Cathedral Hill where he used to work is now a major tourist attraction.


Apart from being a tourist destination, Frombork serves as a fishing and sailing port due to its location on the banks of the Vistula Lagoon. From the local port you can go for a cruise on the Lagoon or have a trip on a ship to nearby towns like Krynica Morska, Elblag or even Kaliningrad in Russia!!!


We spent about three hours in this pleasant and peaceful town, hanging around, witnessing a movie being made, taking photographs and enjoying the beautiful weather as well as ‘fish and chips’ in one of the local restaurants. Peter said the ‘fish and chips’ were reminiscent of the sixties in England. Whatever it means ? I know he enjoyed it though. The local bus was our means of transportation. We started our journey in the bus station in Elblag and the trip to Frombork took 45 minutes one way. It cost us about 10Pln each (one way) – a very relaxing, enjoyable day at minimal cost.

Autumn Sun, Placid Sea, Cold Piwo, ‘Fish & Chips’ – Slow bus trip through the peaceful countryside…. Elblag-Frombork-Elblag-Bliss.


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