If you have never been to Poland you probably have no idea where Krynica Morska is.  No worries. Peter has been living here for more than three years and he had no idea either (and to be honest, I had only been there once before…).

So here we are. Krynica Morska – one of the ‘best known’ Baltic Sea resorts in Poland. This small town  with about 1400 people is located on the Vistula split between the Baltic sea and the Vistula lagoon. So you have the beauty of them both here. As a matter of fact you can wander from one side to the other, experiencing a variety of visual expressions and  activities.

On one side there is a tiny but modern marina with yachts, speed boats and cruise ships that take passengers on trips across the lagoon. Or, over to the other side of the lagoon to Frombork for example. Or on rare ocassions, even to Elblag where we stay. One day we will try this route. Some day, some time, maybe in the near future.


At the other end of the split there is The Beach. A reasonable strip of picturesque wood separates it from the town. Uniquely beautiful. Breath taking, especially when it’s  breezy. The main tourist attraction IS the beach of course. Vast, with soft white sand – a little of ‘heaven on the earth’ – especially if the weather is good. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case.


Krynica Morska is a family orientated place. Lots of eateries with reasonably priced, delicious meals. Home made. Kids can play in the park and enjoy a funfair for everybody. You can also climb the lighthouse on the hill. There was a queue though – so we didn’t.  Adjacent to the lighthouse there’s a small cemetery with a monument of a Soviet soldier.


On the day we decided to visit, we took a bus from Elblag Bus Station to Krynica Morska. Initially, the weather refused to ‘play ball’. As a matter of fact it was cool and windy, still nice though. But no use when Peter had plans to take his ‘first’ swim in the Baltic. It was his dream. One day. Next time eh?

The Baltic sea. Krynica Morska, August 2018