Between Poland [my homeland] and the rest of the World [still waiting to be visited], there was a place in the United Kingdom that was my host for nearly 7 years – Derby. A city full of character, history, culture, green spaces and excellent pubs and restaurants. Derby is located in the East Middlands region, in the very middle of England on the banks of the river Derwent and unfortunately – highly underrated  as a travel destination.

There are many qualities to the place – one of which is mentioned above. Derby’s unique location makes it the perfect stop for those travelling from the North to The South and vice versa. Derby is the gateway to Peak District – The stunning National Park so beautiful and British.

Above all Derby is home to one of the world’s best group of acrobats that later in their lives introduced them to their stunt/film careers: Damien Walters, Greg Townley, James Harris, Luke Scott, Chris Tomkins, Luke Gomez, Sebastian Jan Zaniesienko, Heidi Dickson and many others. The list of films they worked on is very long and let me mention only few: Skyfall, Ninja Assassin, Kick-Ass, Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, Kingsman, The Secret Service, The Eagle, I Am Number Four…

Derby City Gymnastics Club

(25 Chapel St, Derby DE1 3GU)

The top floor of the building [shown below] is the home of Derby City Gymnastic Club  where they all started their sports careers and where they still revisit regularly.

The founder of D. C. G. C. is Mr Dean Walters who runs the Club and is the  source of its gymnasts’success and inspiration.