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Dragon Crest Mountain

 Ngon Nak Mountain (Dragon Crest Mountain) is located a little bit off the beaten track about 30 minutes drive north of Ao Nang  and definitely worth an effort. And the effort is enormous even if you are fit. We went there on motorbike. The mountain is 565 metres high above the sea level and you walk up through a very relaxed jungle that gives you the cover from the heat. The starting point is the Ranger station where you can park your vehicle, use the toilet if in need and buy some water. We didn’t because we had pepsi with us and it was a mistake. At the bottom you’ll find the information that there is 3.7 km walk – climb in front of you. It takes about 2 hours to get to the summit. In some places the track resembles an empty riverbed full of stones and rocks. Other segments of it are almost vertically steep. But the closer to the top the easier it seems to be, and when you think you’ve finally got there because you reached a view point (mind that it is the first view point), you then have to continue walking and climbing. In strenuous moments we repeated to ourselves after Sir Alex Ferguson:

Just Keep Going…’

An easy bit

A steep bit

Ngon Nak Mountain is a mountain peak with amazing and memorable 360-degree views over Krabi Province covered with The Andaman Sea (full of picturesque Karst Rocks and Islands) and their valleys. From this very top viewpoint – beneath,  Southern Thailand looks like a Prehistoric, Untouchable, Virgin land.
Once we were on the top we lost each other following different paths! And we both being on our own, looking for the other, screaming and shouting and waiting for the voice that never came back, yes, we were thinking that the other person fell off the cliff. Honestly, it was pretty much one of those surrealistic moments in your life. Needless to mention that we were the only people on the top at that moment.
Anyway, after about 20 minutes of sheer horror we found each other. And we started descending that wasn’t much easier than climbing! Shattered we reached our motorbike only to find that we had lost the key and our mobile phone had no signal! It turned out that we had left the key in the scooter and the people who noticed it earlier (Thai people) gave it back to the woman that was stationed there all the time. When we initially arrived back, she was sleeping! – but we were SO pleased that she appeared with our motorbike key!    she even offered us water & melon …. A BIG Thank YOU – ‘All in All’ everything ended well.

A small towel will be useful:)

Small tip

– Take water (plenty)  instead of other drinks. (We didn’t)
– Take some snacks to celebrate the moment on the summit. (We didn’t)
– Take a small towel to wipe perspiration.
– Take good shoes.
– Take a camera (needless to say) and binoculars – we didn’t have the latter
Take your time
Near the top there is a sign pointing to a waterfall – (do not waste your time for that unless you want to waste your time in the jungle).

The waterfall mentioned above

Reserve about 4 hours for this journey and remember to be back before the sunset.

Take a torch just in case

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  1. thanks for the info. especially the waterfall! I laughed!

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