Elbląg is a medium size city in northern Poland about 60 km away from Gdansk. There are over 120 thousand inhabitants,  and in the Stare Miasto –  a beautiful, eye+catching  Gothic Cathedral [Katedra Św. Mikołaja] amidst ancient streets which  often seems to appear to be quiet and sleepy. However this  picturesque town awakens from time to time for different reasons – as most recently  to celebrate…..

Elbląg Bread Festival [Elbląskie Święto Chleba] .

This venue has been taking place here  for thirteen years now. Elbląg Bread Festival is an annual celebration of the end of summer and the harvest time.

The event has its location in the old town. A big market with over 200 stalls is the essential element of the festival. Traders present a variety of products like BREAD, Cheese, Meats, Sweeties as well as lots of handcrafted goods. The merchants come mainly from the north-eastern region of Poland. Although some of them come from neighbouring countries like Lithuania or Germany. A colourful flee market with unusual items is a nice addition.

Elbląg Bread Festival lasts three days throughout the weekend and it is accompanied by numerous events like Dragon Boat Races, Fishing Competitions, Stage Performers and a variety of themed exhibitions.



The festival couldn’t do without music, beer & food gardens. People relax having  refreshments and listen to live music resounding from the big Centre stage, situated in the heart of the old town right in front of the Majestic Cathedral.


This year the weather was brilliant. Beautiful Sunshine and NO rain. No wonder that there were lots of people. I am sure everyone had a very nice time spent with family and friends. There were lots of attractions for kids as well [even there own fun fair!]. Time when Elbląg has the opportunity to present itself  in a joyful, festive way.


The main sponsor of Elbląg Bread Festival was Tyskie Brewery, a producer of well-known Polish Tyskie beer.

I would highly recommend this event. Elbląg Bread Festival is full of tastes, colours, music and laughter with a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Worth a visit in every respect…..







“ZAPRASZAMY” – 2019!