I have ‘signed up‘ to a driving school ADAM Nauka Jadzyto get, (hopefully with a little bit of luck) a category A driving licence. Yes, I am training to becoming a motorcycle rider, venturing into the world of motorcycling. Dorotka On A MotorcycleMy hope is that I will eventually experience the freedom of the open road on two wheels.

Right now I am trying to picture myself on a cruiser..…well – for the time being, after a few  practice lessons, I am ‘scared’ and excited at the same time. However, it says a lot just being able to have the strength and the courage to make a decision like that to follow through with it and just to get out and do it!

As a short introduction to the my new found activity, we had the pleasure to be accidentally in the middle of a motorcycle gathering one hot June Saturday. The weather was right, no other plans for the day and  spontaneously, we found ourselves on a bus going to a place called Tolkmicko.Dorotka Cruiser

Tolkmicko is a small, picturesque town in northern Poland on the Vistula Lagoon about 30 km northeast of Elblag city with the population of nearly 3000 people.Beach Bar

We just dreamt of spending a lazy day on a beach doing absolutely nothing. We also had nothing – I mean things like swim suits, towels, sandwiches prepared or with us…[spontaneity eh?]. Fortunately  I did have some cash. We needed it as we stumbled straight into an international motorcycle rally – an annual event organised in Tolkmicko over many years. Obviously known for motorcyclists, whom we hope to be joining soon anyway! The admission to the event – 10zl . We enjoyed ourselves with beer and sausages watching a variety of fun activities right on the beach.Beer and Sausages

Brilliant experience.

Usually about 400 people participate in this local event. The rally seemed to be very attractive this year – concerts on the beach and a great motorcyclists’ parade on the scenic roads of the region. Also a show of artistic blacksmith displayed by Polish and Russian tradesmen, who made original prizes for the winners of the rally contests. Actually, I took part in one of the contests dragging a rope [‘tug of war’].Beach Tug Of War

The best part of it was watching motorbikes of all kinds and their enthusiastic riders. A very peculiar and inspiring crowd engrossed in their own unique world.Freedom to Roam

The rally is not only an opportunity to meet with motorcycle enthusiasts, but also to promote motorcycling and the region of course… It was very encouraging and enjoyable to see an end result to all the hard work required getting a motorcycle licence can bring.

We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else. We’re just better human beings when with the person we’re supposed to be with. I am not supposed to leave…I belong here.