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The Doi Inthanon National Park

One of Peter’s goals is to put his feet on the highest spot wherever he goes. Here we are. Thailand’s highest peak Doi Inthanon, which measures 2565m above sea level was the current target. Located about 100 kilometres southwest from Chiang Mai in The Doi Inthanon National Park.
We went there on a rented motorbike (Honda PCX – 400 baht a day with third party insurance and 2 helmets, 3000 baht deposit). The bike was damaged, it looked as it had been dropped. But the owner assured us it was ok for the even longer journey. We didn’t take photos of damages and it was a mistake. When  we were back to give it back there was a different person and he tried to make us responsible for the damages. With no result obviously. We had our deposit back. But it is a good lesson for the future.
The journey with one stop on the way took us about 2 hours.
The admission fee to enter the park is 300 baht adult, a motorbike – 20 baht. It is worth the price for absolutely stunning prospects, fresh and quite chilly air especially towards the top, so it’s good we took jackets with us. There are eight waterfalls in the park. We saw only two of them.The moment we saw the first one we sighed loudly in tandem. You are not allowed to bathe there though.
Half way to the summit we realised we wouldn’t be able to get it to the peak with the amount of petrol we had. Fortunately we came across the small petrol station in the village half way to the (summit) destination. Well, we were lucky here… The view from the summit is not so spectacular as view on the way to it.

It’s the point where our brakes stopped working…

 Close to the peak those Royal Chedis Naphamethanidon and Naphapholphumisiri built by Royal Thai Air Force in honour of Their Majesties’60 birthdays in 1989 and 1992 had the greatest impact on us. Surrounded by a beautiful, very well kept park they seem to be so elegant, striking and remarkable. (Admission to both – 40baht).

We wanted to see one more waterfall but on the way to it, down the mountain, one of the brakes stopped working… so we paused, assessed and ‘rightly’ turned around to continue our journery ‘safely’ home – not wishing to spoil an otherwise beautiful day.

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  1. Dorothy, a co to za twarzowe szlafroczki na zdjęciach z Paulinką?

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