Here is ‘a retrospective’ about my latest ‘work’ trip to Turin .

This  busy and very touristy Italian city is ideally located at the foot of the Alps which you can admire from anywhere within the city. However this wonderful  location has its disadvantages. Lost in the Alps, Turin is one of the most polluted European cities. It is not only because of the amount of cars but mostly just because of its location. Turin’s natural position protected by the crown of the Alps in todays industrial times –  turns against its inhabitants. The Alps close the area and prevent natural ventilation, causing poor health.

Let’s be more optimistic though and look at the bright side of life:). It might be worth mentioning that in the 16th century, the Savoy Royal Family were instrumental in moving the capital to Turin. This became one of the largets centres of baroque art thanks to the renowned architects of the times. Indeed, walking through the streets of the city is like walking through an art gallery in itself.

We were staying in Turin’s Granny House situated on the other side of the Po river, not far away from Piazza Vittorio, which is the main square of the city and the biggest one in Europe. During our stay we could see it busy with demonstrators. I am not sure about the political reasons for the particular demonstration:)
However this trip was not for the sight-seeing or for the ski experience, or even a visit to Juventus Stadium. Maybe, in the vain hope of meeting Ronaldo the great ‘CR7’. What a shame.  There was no opportunity to meet this ex-Man United legend. Maybe to simply say hello, to shake his hand, to exchange views about LIFE…  ‘ah well not to be this time…Christiano!
I and three other “girls” went to Turin on business – work revolving around social innovation enterprises. We were guests of  Labins – Social Innovation Laboratory – ready  to learn from our Italian colleagues. The exemplary professionals  gave us an insight into their incredible social projects concerning mostly vulnerable communities. They not only introduced us to their work but also showed us a little of Turin’s culture –  walkways, shops, local eateries full of their wonderful culinary delights and more. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of spare time to experience it all. We were working:)…..
Social Innovation Laboratory, is a cooperative society – social enterprise founded in 2013 staffed by professionals and consultants since 2003 in the Social Policies Area of ​​the Compagnia di San Paolo di Torino. A very big ‘Thank You’ to our Italian colleagues & hosts for their immense hospitality.

There was so much left unexplored that I wish to return to Turin in the future.

………One day:)