My daughter visited me in Thailand and we had such great time together! She made the whole journey from Warsaw to Bangkok through Moscow on her own by Aeroflot -Russian Airlines. I met her in Bangkok where we spent 3 days and then took an overnight train to Chiang Mai.  Three weeks passed very quickly and now she is back in Poland. We both are left with brilliant memories and lots of photographs memorialising the event.


1. ART IN PARADISE 3D MUSEUM in Chiang Mai –other words: ILLUSION Art Museum. Located on Chang Klan Road between 2 big hotels, Shangri La and Empress hotel. We were lucky to be there on Valentine day and the place was almost empty so we could play with photographs because it is all about photography. You can be a part of any painting there but  you need time and space to injoy the experience.

Admission fee 300 baht that seems to be quite expensive but it is worth every baht for the fun. The museum is open every day from 9am to 9pm.

2. THE TIGER KINGDOM -big tigers are massive and so stately. However you cannot approach their heads, you have to stay behind. My son says I am more dangerous than a tiger but in spite of his opinion I preferd to stay quiet and a subject to the beast. Paulinka was almost in tears with the young ones. She showed a very sensitive nature when meeting the smallest cats. So beautiful they are!  You choose how many tigers you want to see (smallest,  small, teenagers, adults) and you pay accordingly. The place is  busy but very well organised.

3. RIDING ‘BareBack’ ON AN ELEPHANT – this was on Peter’s bucket list  for Thailand. He booked it online with Thai Elephant Home advertising itself as “socialy minded and eco -friendly”. I would say they are also professional. And months in advance on some days fully booked. We chose the half-day option. I loved riding my elephant and being a ‘Mahout!”. My elephant was the only one in the group with tusks. And it treated me like a queen or at least a ‘Lady’.

How Time Flies By. I miss my ‘little’ [23yrs young] girl

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  1. Dorota, zgubilam Twoj numer, lata temu, odezwij sie prosze, to chyba Ty, Marzena